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Giveaway Ends August 5 at Midnight

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Whether you're an experienced bassist, a seasoned pro or even if you're just starting out, you'll always know exactly what to work on thanks to our extensive course library.


  • Bass 101: The Anatomy of The Bass & Getting Started
    Image of Scott Devine
  • Functional Theory for Bassists Volume 1
    Image of Phil Mann
  • Essential Groove Techniques
    Image of Scott Devine
  • Bass Guitar Foundations -The Definitive Guide
    Image of Scott Devine
  • The Essential Bass Maintenance & Set-up Guide
    Image of Chris May

Intermediate Courses

  • The beginning jazz survival guide for bassists
    Image of Scott Devine
  • A Bass Player's Approach to Ear Training and Intervals
  • Technique Deep Dive for Bass
  • Advancing The Groove with Rich Brown
    Image of Rich Brown
  • 物理一对一辅导哪里好?期末复习之物理实验知识点汇总 - 梯 ...:2021-6-6 · 初中实验是中考必考的一部分,今天老师为大家整理了初中阶段会考查的实验,收藏起来复习的时候看一看吧!实验步骤、操作、结论 力学 1 天平测质量【实验目的】用托盘天平


  • Playing Chords on Bass Guitar The Definitive Guide
    Image of Scott Devine
  • Progressive Groove Techniques for the Modern Bass Player
    Image of Steve Jenkins
  • Session Musician Secrets
  • Essential Phrasing and Improvisation Techniques
    Image of Rufus Philpot
  • Decoding The Low End
    Image of Adam Neely
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Our online seminars are a vital addition to the SBL Academy. The seminars allow you to learn with our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly instructors, in real-time from the comfort of your home.

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Image of Damian Erskine
Live Seminar 好用的梯子 知乎


The Campus is our community forum here within ScottsBassLessons that’s going to connect you with thousands of other bass students just like you.


  • 专升本有用吗 好考吗_学梯网:2021-6-12 · 专升本是很多人提升学历的方式,那么报考专升本文凭具体有哪些用处呢?考试难度怎么样呢?专升本文凭有用吗专升本考试还是较有难度的,获得专升本学历之后可众参加各种资格证书的考试、司法考试、公务员考试、评审职称、在职研究生的考试,都是提升自己自身价值的敲门砖。

    Taylor Lee
  • I was a bit stuck in terms of my progress when I first joined SBL, but the support I got from the community here has given me a huge boost!

    Daniel Wester
  • I love the more nuanced videos where Scott talks about letting the snare drum breathe. You can’t really get that from an instructional book!

    Maddie Jay


  • 780,000+ Youtube subscribers

  • 504+ Million Minutes watched (That's over 959 years!)

  • 388,000+ Facebook followers

The ultimate online bass school

Wherever you are, whatever you use, always available.

好用的梯子 知乎

Here’s just a few of the incredible tutors you’ll have access with when you join

  • Learn at Your Own Pace.

    工厂用货梯_工业厂房货梯哪家好_工业用的货梯大概多少钱 ...:2021-10-12 · 工厂用货梯,工业厂房货梯,工业用的货梯大概多少钱 工业厂房货梯是车间厂房里用于楼层间货物运输的一种起重设备,广泛应用于二层三层四层的钢结构车间厂房。 今天济工机械带大家了解一下工业厂房货梯尺寸和价格。 众上是 导轨式工厂用货梯,工业厂房货梯,工业用的货梯大概多少钱

  • A One-On-One Experience.

    Learn from the very best in the business. Our expert tutors are on hand to help you every step of the way. You can even drop a link to your site to see what people think.

  • Join The Community.

    宕昌好梯乡:三支突击队助推脱贫攻坚_来稿选登_中国甘肃网:2021-6-12 · 为全面打赢脱贫攻坚战,好梯乡抽调精兵强将组成“拆危治乱突击队”“房屋改造突击队”“档案资料突击队”,由乡党政主要领导担任队长,驻村领导担任副队长,驻村干部、帮扶工作队、村社干部担任队员,锁定工作目标、聚焦突出问题,狠下一条心、拧成一股绳,积极投身脱贫攻坚主战场 ...


  • 靠谱的手机付费梯子

    Access hundreds of hours of amazing, in-depth bass guitar lessons including hours of step-by-step instruction, live bands and much more from the biggest names in bass education.

  • Weekly Live-Stream Seminars

    Each week we host live-stream seminars with the likes of Gary Willis, Adam Neely, Ed Friedland, Rufus Philpot, Damian Erskine, Danny Mo Morris, Ariane Cap, Steve Lawson & Todd Johnson, plus many world-class educators.

  • Awesome Community

    Connect with fellow bassists from around the world who are just like you in our community forum, The Campus. Our students are focused on getting their bass playing to the next level, but also on helping other students around them. They’ll be there for you 24/7.

  • Direct Feedback and Direction

    专升本有用吗 好考吗_学梯网:2021-6-12 · 专升本是很多人提升学历的方式,那么报考专升本文凭具体有哪些用处呢?考试难度怎么样呢?专升本文凭有用吗专升本考试还是较有难度的,获得专升本学历之后可众参加各种资格证书的考试、司法考试、公务员考试、评审职称、在职研究生的考试,都是提升自己自身价值的敲门砖。

  • 好用的梯 Live

    This is Scott's regular live-stream seminar happening every other Thursday where you get to hang out with Scott and the rest of your fellow students.

  • 好用的梯子软件

    Our monthly show here at SBL where Scott discusses all the current news, challenges, what's coming up...and watch out – Scott regularly goes off topic!

  • 好用的梯子

    Throughout the year we roll out brand new challenges that are designed to make you a better bass player. The best thing about the challenges is that our whole community gets involved, which creates a fun learning environment and accountability when you need it.

  • 好用便宜的梯子

    Each course is accompanied by highly detailed workbooks including TAB and notation, and multiple backing tracks when needed.

  • Exclusive Interviews

    2021人字梯十大品牌排行榜-人字梯哪个牌子好-排行榜123网:2021-6-1 · 如果您正在查找人字梯什么牌子好?那么本人字梯十大品牌榜单可供您作为选购参考,我伔致力于用最真实的用户数据推荐口碑最好的人字梯品牌,让您选得放心。(榜单每月更新一次) 更新时间:2021年06月1日 参与投票人次:73023 我要上榜

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Students consistently overestimate how much they can achieve in one week… but drastically underestimate how much they can achieve within a year with the right guidance and support. Scott Devine, Head Honcho

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  • Private lessons $2,600 / yr
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